Petition to include One Arm Lifts OFFICIALLY at IUKL European & World Championships

Hi guys, 

I have set up this petition for all those around the world who would like to see one arm lifts for women included as an official event at ALL IUKL European & World Championships. If you have no desire to see it become mandatory for women to lift 2 x 24kg in the future to be considered a professional in this sport you should probably sign this (this goes for both Long Cycle & Snatch also which looks set to become Biathlon with 2 x 24kg).

This petition is not set up to create a debate on which is better single bell or doubles - merely to save & include one arm lifts so if you want this to happen sign it, if you don't don't sign it! 

Clara O'Connor, Rosslare Kettlebell Club, Ireland    Contact the author of the petition

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