Petition to induct Australian Country Music Pioneer Kevin Shegog (dec) into the Tamworth Roll of Renown.


Hi country music fans.

I hope you'll join with me, my family, our friends and Kevin Shegog fans in our effort to build a petition to accompany a submission the organisers of the Tamworth Roll of Renown to consider posthumously awarding this honour to dad in 2023.  

One only has to look at his discography (below) to see  that W&G had so much faith in his ability, talent and popularity they continued to produce album after album and an impressive list of singles and EP's.

Dad was an extremely talented and prolific singer, songwriter, performer and recording artist who had numerous songs in the charts, both here and overseas.

The likes of Johnny Chester, Chad Morgan, Terry Gordon OAM and many fans and supporters believe dad's inclusion in the Roll of Renown is long overdue.

I hope you'll help us out by signing the petition and asking your friends to do the same.

I also invite letters of recommendation from anyone who feels their influence may have a positive effect on the decision making process in Tamworth. 

Thank you everyone, your support is highly valued and much appreciated.

Kindest regards

Susan Shegog


Kevin Shegog Discography


Title Label Year Notes
Little Kangaroo W&G 1960 (as Kevin Shegog and The Gold-Toppers)
My Blues & Me W&G 1961 (as Kevin Shegog and The Gold-Toppers)
One Small Photograph W&G 1961  
I'm So in Love With You W&G 1961 (with the Jack Varney Group)
A Prayer for Baby W&G 1961 (with the Jack Varney Group)
Jambalaya W&G 1961 (as Kevin Shegog and The Gold-Toppers)
Wayward Rambler W&G 1961 (as Kevin Shegog and The Gold-Toppers)
Knoxville Girl W&G 1961 Cover version
Big Old Lazy River W&G 1962  
Fall-Out Shelter W&G 1962  
Your Answer to Me W&G 1962  
I'm on the Right Road Now W&G 1962  
Cutie W&G 1962 (with the Hawking Brothers)
I Can't Stop Loving You W&G 1962  
Oh Gee, What's Wrong With Me W&G 1962  
Wolverton Mountain (cover) W&G 1962 Chart position No. 3
You Weren't Invited But You Were There n/a 1962  
Cowboy Boots n/a 1963  
Love Me a Little Bit n/a 1963  
From Here on n/a 1963  
Lorena n/a 1963  
I've Got the World by the Tail n/a 1963  
Silent Tears n/a 1963  
Talk Back Trembling Lips W&G 1963 Cover version
Wealthy John n/a 1963  
The Strange Little Melody n/a 1963  
When I Gave You My Heart n/a 1963  
Don't Bug the Beatles n/a 1964  
If You Were in My Shoes n/a 1964  
Great Big Casey n/a 1964  
Pretty Blue Ribbons n/a 1964  
Saginaw, Michigan n/a 1964  
A Huggin' and a Kissin' n/a 1964  
It Hurts So Much (To See You Go) n/a 1965  
Phar Lap (The Red Terror) n/a 1965  
Johnny Was a Friend of Mine n/a 1965  
Apple Blossom Belle n/a 1967  
Sault St. Marie n/a 1967  
Teacher's Pet n/a 1968  
Miss Personality n/a 1968  
Little Frisco n/a 1970  
Little Curly Hair in a Highchair n/a 1970  
Melbourne Airport, Tullamarine n/a 1971  
Ballad of Hillbilly Smith n/a 1971  
Redbacks Don't Eat Meat n/a 1971  
Daddy Frank n/a 1971  
Top Forty n/a 1971  
Title Label Year Notes
"Kevin Shegog" W&G 1962  
Country Concert W&G 1962 with the Hawking Brothers)
Great Country & Western Songs W&G 1963  
Kevin Shegog's Greatest Hits W&G 1964  
A History of Country and Western Music W&G 1965  
The Kevin Shegog Album W&G 1965  
The Best of Kevin Shegog Master 1966  
Kevin Shegog Goes Nashville W&G 1968  
Big Country Songs W&G 1970  
Modern Country Songs W&G 1972  
Rodeo Man W&G 1973  
Kevin Shegog W&G 1974  
Honky Tonk Girl R&H 1985


Deep Down in Shegog Planet Records 1959  
The Best of Kevin Shegog W&G 1960 as Kevin Shegog and the Gold Toppers
Songs of Praise W&G 1962  
Wolverton Mountain W&G 1962  
King of Country & Western W&G 1964  
Great Country & Western Songs (Vol, 2) W&G 1964  
One Small Photograph W&G 1964 as Kevin Shegog and the Gold Toppers
Kevin Shegog Sings Favourites W&G 1965  


Title Label Year Notes
Greatest Hits W&G n/a  
Ballad of a Hillbilly Singer Canetoad Records 2004 (post-houmous release)


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