• Whereas:

• Without a vote from Regina City Council, unelected Chris Holden, City of Regina City manager has imposed a policy on Regina residents requiring the public to show proof of vaccination upon entering indoor City of Regina facilities. These facilities have been paid for by City of Regina residents through property taxes and therefore should be accessible regardless of residents' private medical status.

• Chris Holden has bypassed Regina City Council on this very important decision and intends to breach the medical privacy of Saskatchewan residents while infringing on their Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms;

• Section 2a of the Charter of Rights and Freedom says Canadians have freedom of conscience and religion;

• Section 15 of the Charter of Rights and Freedom says Canadians are not allowed to be discriminated against based on, for example, mental or physical ability (health);

• Canadians have the right to informed choice when it comes to vaccines and other medical treatments, they cannot be forced or coerced;

• COVID-19 passports could be used to restrict the rights of people who have declined a COVID-19 vaccine, which would be unacceptable and create a society of have and have-nots, and the gap between those groups has only grown thanks to COVID-19, and we stand at the precipice of the gap getting larger still;received_247901523903613.jpeg

• This is not a partisan issue, it affects Canadians of all stripes and for various personal reasons, and therefore should not be treated as such; and

• Canadians want their freedom of movement and right to privacy of their personal health data to be positively affirmed by the government.

We, the undersigned, residents of Regina, call upon the City of Regina to commit to not rolling out any e-vaccination status/immunity passports to City of Regina residents for employment, public transit, or access to any indoor or outdoor City of Regina facility.

Erinn Knoll/Anthony Eberle    Contact the author of the petition