Petition to oppose rezoning of Locust Grove 35.5 Acre Parcel

The residents of Locust Grove, Georgia who have attached their signatures hereto wish to inform the local city municipality and the city council of their opposition and concerns related to the rezoning of the following described property:

- Land LOT 168 of the 2nd District.

As noted in the minutes published relating to the April 3, 2017 City Council Workshop meeting specifically stated as unfinished business was the following:

"Ordinance to rezone 35.5 acres located in Land Lot 168 of the 2nd District at the southeast corner of the intersection of Indian Creek Road and Tanger Boulevard from PD (C-2 and RM (RM-2)) to R-3 (medium/high density single-family residential)."

The residents who have signed this petition attest by virtue of their signature that they oppose any Apartments or multi-family planned unit development within the city of Locust Grove. Statistically it is proven that developments of this variety increase traffic and crime. High density population is not an alignment with the wishes of the petitioners. We here by request consideration be given to a public park or recreational area for the enjoyment of the residents and preservation of the wildlife in the area. It is the opinion of the petitioners that it would not only improve the quality of life for the citizens of Locust Grove but it would also improve the property values in the surrounding area.