Petition to preserve the Field and Study Park

We, the residents of Ward 103 and park lovers from all over the region petition the City of Johannesburg. 

We are opposed to the scale of the development proposed by a company, called Urban Park Group, and request Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ) to invite genuine adoption proposals, from suitable organisations, for the community to consider. We trust that, by opening the process up, we will receive adoption proposals where the intentions of the applicants will be in protecting and preserving this treasure. Thus, enabling community members, park visitors and future generations to enjoy the park’s natural attributes and wildlife.

This level of development also requires Environmental Impact Studies, Traffic Impact Assessments, noise impact, etc., none of which have been done.  The Braamfontein Spruit is known to support over 180 species of birds, indigenous flora as well as frogs, crabs, lizards, fish and mammals including water mongoose, meerkats and genets.  Owls are regularly known to nest in the trees around the Field & Study and the family of African Harrier Hawks nesting in the Riverside Golf Course have been seen hunting in the park. 

We DO NOT support a Park Adoption or Park Development which takes up this much of the park space and threatens the integrity of this vital green lung.


Map of the proposed development:Development.jpg

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