Petition to remove the local police executive director, Valentin-Constantin Bretfelean



Dr. Dorin Florea, mayor of Tîrgu Mureș – Marosvásárhely

Local council of Tîrgu Mureș – Marosvásárhely


Initiators of the present petition, ordinary tax paying citizens of Targu Mures – Marosvásárhely (a multi-ethnic town in Romania with the largest Hungarian population in Romania, nearly 60 thousands inhabitants, or 45 percent of the total population) request the removal of the present executive director of the local police - Valentin-Constantin Bretfelean - due to the following reasons:

1. Unclear history with Securitate (the secret police agency during Communist Romania).


2. His current relationship with the Romanian Intelligence Service (as of 2008 he assumed a reserve position as colonel).


3. Infringement of Community Law. He fined a tree protecting flashmob organizer and participants of the “Supporting the Independence of Scotland” flashmob which took place recently in Tirgu Mures - Marosvásárhely.


4. Preventing Hungarian minority-based events such as: March of the Hussars (cavalrymen) on the 15th of March (National Day of Hungarians) claiming that horses would damage the road.


5. Classifying Hungarian symbols such as the Hungarian or Szekler flag as commercial symbols, and consequently fining the Hungarian National Council of Transylvania 6,700 Euro because they had placed a Szeklers flag on their headquarters.


6. Intimidating community members: he fined Lakó Péterfi Tünde, a civil activist for donating bilingual pricetags to local vendors in the city market last year.


7. Prosecution of bilingualism: the local police arrested and assaulted a Dutch citizen representing the European Committee on Human Rights for Hungarians, Central Europe Foundation, who dared to ask for Hungarian translation during his trial. On two occasions he fined a CEMO (Civic Engagement Movement) volunteer, once because he wanted to register a document in Hungarian, but was accused of entering a public institution illegally, and another time he fined the same citizen for donating bilingual gate-signs (Beware of dog and No parking - plates) to local residents, claiming that they were commercial in nature.

His most recent intimidation took place when he fined two CEMO volunteers because they mounted bilingual street signs on properties where the owners had already given permission. Moreover, after the incident, he continued to threaten those citizens who would not take down the bilingual street signs will fines of 30.000-50.000 LEI (6,700 to 11,200 Euro)... in a country with a typical monthly income of 1700 LEI (380 Euro).

Until now, the courts have dismissed all fines and penalties given by the executive director, Valentin-Constantin Bretfelean, which indicates that he either doesn't understand the law, or blatently abuses his power by repeatedly discriminating against the Hungarian minority.

We demand that the local authorities dismiss Valentin-Constantin Bretfelean from his post as executive director of police for not showing mutual respect, a commitment to democratical principles or maintaining civil rights. We expect the local authorities to help Tirgu Mures-Marosvásárhely maintain an image of ethnic harmony not through rhetoric or campaign promises, but by dismissing Valeriu Bretfelean from the police force. This is the only way to build the citizen’s trust in the local public administration and the police force.


Tîrgu Mureș - Marosvásárhely, 2015. 04. 22

If do you agree with our demand please help our case with your signature until April 29. Initiators of the present petition will deliver the collected signatures and petition itself to the mayor of the city and to the local council on 2015. 04. 30.

Thank You!

The Initiator Group

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