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Recent news over the unmotivated firing of several journalists, the questionable nature of personnel contracts, the stepping down of one of the project’s founders and a letter of protest by virtually the entire editorial staff have sounded an alarm for the editorial future of


From the May 9, 2011 press release from the National Union of Italian Film Journalists:

Italian film journalists express their preoccupations for, which since 2002 has been an invaluable resource for information on European cinema. The unexpected dismissal of the editor-in-chief and the Italian correspondent are an alarming sign and do not take into account the results achieved over time, by the staff, nor the credibility and merit that Cineuropa’s readers, especially industry professionals, have always recognised in the site.

Moreover, the decision to implement such a brusque changing of the guard prompted a quick disassociation from Cineuropa by Gorgio Gosetti and Luciana Castellina, who [as founders of the project] have historically been a point of reference for the EU Media Programme's project.

The editorial decisions that seem to be at the heart of a situation that is not entirely clear cast a shadow on the future of that the quality of the publication and the journalists pushed out of the site certainly do not deserve.