Petition to Shut Down Provo Canyon School

Greetings; my name is 204.



I would like to remain anonymous, and so I have used 204 as my name; it was the number I was given at Provo
Canyon School, and to this day it is who I see myself as, because the boy I was
before is dead; he died at Provo Canyon School.

Provo Canyon School is supposedly a "Residential Treatment Center" located in Utah; there are three institutions
of it that I know of: Provo, Utah; Orem, Utah; and Springville, Utah. I was there for over
a year, and I was beaten, raped, shanked, drugged, and tortured with about 150
other boys at the Provo Campus. It has come to my attention there have been
groups formed online of what we have now been known as: Provo Canyon School
Survivors. Many of us were lucky to have gotten out with are sanity to still
somewhat in tact, and the groups have been formed in attempts of exposing Provo
Canyon School, but so far there has been no significant progress, so I am
stepping forward; I want the School SHUT DOWN FOR GOOD. I cannot do it alone,
and I am going to need your guys' help. The following are links to individual
sites that contain more information on the horrors that went on there. Please,
help us.


Again; please help us shut down this place; I can't stand to see any more kids hurt by them. Thank you for your time.