Petition to stop the Little Sunshine Educare, 4 Bosduif, Vorna Valley.

This petition is to get council to stop the Little Sunshine Educare on 4 Bosduif, Vorna Valley, from opening at this address. Vorna Valley doesn't want another Educational venue in this area.  There are already 3 other Nursery Schools within a 500 meter radius. 

Allowing this, will undermine the integrity of the safety and security of this area, bringing with it even more noise pollution and extra traffic.  This is a tranquil residential area and should remain as such.

Neighbouring residents have not been consulted in this matter, and object strongly for this educational venue at 4 Bosduif, Vorna Valley, to operate here.

This will also impact on neighbouring property value, as very few people wish to buy a house next to an educational venue and according to their notices it will operate every day of the week.

4 Bosduif is close to the corner of Robin Road, which will cause traffic congestion, and people blocking the road to drop off or collect their children.

We hereby strongly request that council have this place closed down with immediate effect.