Petition to suspend all alternative classes in Universidad de Sta. Isabel

Online classes were implemented to keep up with our daily class schedules and modules as a way to adapt towards the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine that is being practiced as a preventive measure for the CoViD-19 outbreak in the country. For this case, we sincerely appreciate the efforts of our professors in sustaining our daily classes with our modules per usual. We also acknowledge that our professors are necessitated to set up online classes for them to be paid, as the University is practicing a "No Work, No Pay" policy.


However, it is known to everyone that not all students have the access to fast and stable internet connection, especially those who live in areas where internet connection is relatively slow and unstable. There are students who do not own any proper gadgets (i.e mobile phones, laptops, computers) to keep up with these online classes. Buying load for our mobile phones and prepaid wifis during this crises, futher burden our families, as some of us have little to no budget at all for load, because we prioritize the buying of our basic necessities like food, medicines and sanitary items, which are now both scarce and expensive because of the contant demand and panic. Going out to use public computers in internet cafes is already impossible, as most computer shops have already closed down due to the enhanced community quarantine. summary,  not everyone is privileged to avail this kind of learning platform. Furthermore, there are students who have their fair share of responsibilities at home, more so right now with the pandemic, which might interfere with the time of their online classes.

This petition is being raised not because we're being lazy in doing school related obligations and requirements, however having no solidified or respective programs that can actually ease the problem in accommodating the needs to bridge the gap between students and education amidst the said pandemic can somehow be considered as an ambitious if not acheivable.

With all the aforementioned reasons, we have come up with this online petition to cancel online classes, as to address the struggles in this learning strategy, and to also let the admin know about our difficulties in these online classes.




#SuspensionOfAlternativeClasses in Universidad de Sta. Isabel


Petitioner: Anonymous


This petition is based from Ms. Marie Angella Averilla calls for suspension of all alternatives classes in her respective univerisity.

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