Pickleball Lines on the JGMS Tennis courts in Bedford, MA

Currently there is no dedicated outdoor Pickleball court in Bedford, MA. Last year the town painted pickleball lines on the 2 Tennis courts at the John Glenn Middle School (JGMS). The current configuration is for 1 pickleball court on 1 tennis court, using the same tennis net.1pickleballcourt.pngThis configuration allows people to come play pickleball on a dime, just lower the tennis net and play. However, there are some disadvantages with this configuration:

1. It is not an efficient way of utilizing the tennis court real estate. We can fit as much as 4 pickleball courts on a single tennis court.

2. wasted time and energy to run after the ball after a rally. Many pickleball players are over 60 years old, and this put a lot of stress on them. 

3. You don't get the true playing experience playing with a tennis net, certain shots are undoable such as the ATP (around the post), the Erne, where you have to jump over to the other side.


We are petitioning for the town to add more lines to what is there already to make 4 pickleball courts on the 2 tennis courts as in the following configuration



Note that we are reusing many of the lines in the first configuration




The sketch above is the result when we superimpose the lines in the second configuration onto the first. The black line represents the tennis net. The red lines are common and already painted. The yellow lines are needed to use in the first setup but not needed in the second setup. The solid green lines are what we're asking the town to paint.

There are many benefits that come with the additional lines:

1. This is an easy, quick an inexpensive way to double the playing capacity using the same amount of surface area. If the new lines are painted with the same color as what is already there, they are not any more distracting to tennis players. 

2. With 1 pickleball on each side of the tennis net, the tennis net now acts a backstop for loose balls. Less time chasing, more time playing --> more enjoyment for the game.

3. Provide true pickleball experience with official regulated net. See number 3 on the list above.

With Massachusettes just comes out of the stay-at-home period and Summer approaching, demands for outdoor recreation facilities are huge. With the significant and instant payoff for such a small investment, this makes a lot of sense. If you agree, sign the petition and come join us. See you on the courts.

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