Please give us Gears of War-Expansions

Dear people at FFG, dear Corey,

if you study forums like Boardgamegeek, people are starving for any good coop/solitaire dungeon crawler system. For example many fans would be very excited about a good coop/solitaire/overlord-free variant for “Descent”, a topic which is often discussed and there are already a couple of fanbased attempts out. The Kickstarter “Myth” by Mercs (full coop Dungeon Crawl) exceeded it´s goal of 40.000 bucks by more than 20 times, ending with a result of 926,112$. I know a big company like you has to plan sales-related – so isn´t that a very interesting point?

Why is that? That´s because there is no system available on the whole boardgame-market which is fulfilling this need – except one game which has high ratings and is praised by many people:

Gears of War – The Boardgame.

You have created an awesome system with a great AI which is pretty unique a has a solid and excited fanbase.

But this fanbase has one big Problem: Everybody is waiting for expansions since mid 2012.

Please FFG, support this awesome game further, your fans will be more than thankful! Give us expansions with the missed miniatures, more AI-Cards, new Tiles, more Missions – if you think, sales would be too low, do a P500 or a Kickstarter. But don´t let this very great gamesystem die.