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Sustainable goods are those that support the environment, society, and economy while preserving public health and the environment during their entire life cycle, from raw material extraction to final disposal. A sustainable business, also known as a green business, is one that has a low negative impact or has the potential to have a positive impact on the global or local climate, culture, society, or economy, and aims to achieve the triple bottom line. They are grouped together under various headings, and the whole phenomenon is often referred to as "green capitalism".Sometimes, progressive environmental and human rights initiatives are found in sustainable companies. In general, a company is considered green if it meets the four requirements below. Almost all of the plastic ever produced has already been discarded. By 2050, there could be the same amount of plastic as there is today in terms of weight. Just 9% of all plastic ever produced has been recycled. Only 10% of it has been recycled several times. Since the year 2000, the planet has created the same amount of plastic as it did in the previous ten years put together. Plastic bags have been polluting the environment and damaging animals since the 1970s. Every year, approximately 10 billion plastic bags are produced; however, only 1% of those bags are recycled. That's 9.9 billion plastic bags destined for the landfill or littering the streets. Sealife levels are steadily declining as these numbers rise. Plastic is ingesting or suffocating many species, including sea turtles, coral reefs, seabirds, and many fish. To eat healthy while still preserving the environment, we as a society must begin to support sustainable businesses and goods. Non-recyclable goods are not only bad for the climate, but they're also bad for the future we're building for future generations. Using sustainably manufactured goods is the simplest and most significant contribution we can make to the environment without going above and beyond.

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