Police presences at the Fashion Outlets Mall

To: The Fashion Outlets Mall of Niagara Falls Management

Dear Sir/Madam,

We, the undersigned concerned citizens and frequent shoppers at the Fashion Outlets Mall of Niagara Falls, hereby submit this petition to address the escalating issue of theft occurring within the premises during operating hours. We respectfully request the establishment of a police presence at the mall to ensure the safety and security of both shoppers and retailers.

As loyal patrons of the Fashion Outlets Mall, we have witnessed a significant increase in theft incidents over the past few months. Sadly, this has left us feeling anxious and unsafe during what should be an enjoyable and stress-free shopping experience. These incidents not only inconvenience the affected individuals, but they also negatively impact the overall reputation and economic viability of the mall.

We appreciate that this issue has not gone unnoticed, and we understand that discussions have taken place with local law enforcement agencies. However, we strongly urge the mall management to expedite these discussions and solidify a partnership with relevant authorities to establish a visible police presence at the mall during operating hours.

By actively engaging in discussions with local law enforcement, the mall management can ensure that all parties are aware of the gravity of the situation and its impact on the well-being and peace of mind of shoppers. Collaborating with law enforcement agencies will facilitate a more coordinated and efficient response to these theft incidents, making the mall a safer environment for everyone involved.

Moreover, establishing a partnership with local law enforcement will not only provide an immediate resolution to the issue but also ensure ongoing communication and proactive measures to prevent future thefts and maintain a secure shopping experience.

We understand that the costs associated with implementing a police presence may require careful consideration. However, we firmly believe that prioritizing the safety and security of visitors and retailers at the Fashion Outlets Mall is an investment worth making. We encourage the mall management to explore potential collaborations that may alleviate any financial burdens and ensure the realization of this vital security measure.

In conclusion, we, the concerned citizens and loyal patrons, appreciate the efforts taken so far to address this issue. We urge you to continue the discussions with local law enforcement, finalize the partnership, and implement the suggested police presence at the Fashion Outlets Mall of Niagara Falls during operating hours. Together, let us create a secure and enjoyable shopping environment that upholds the reputation of the mall and promotes the well-being of its visitors.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter. We trust that you will give due consideration to our petition and take the necessary steps to address this issue promptly.


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