Poverty in the World


They say that people are dying because we don't have enough to support them. We don't have enough food, or shelter, or clean water, or basic necessities for the people who need them. Well it's not that we don't have it; it’s the fact that they can't afford it. Poverty is a worldwide pandemic that affects nearly 1 billion people. This problem is so severe that UNICEF states that nearly 22,000 children every day die due to a poverty related problem.

Some problems that can be caused by poverty is hunger, dehydration, disease, and lack of shelter; all of which are things we need to stay protected and alive. This problem is especially worrisome in 3rd world countries. Without proper healthcare, a sickness like the common flu can result in death. Other diseases such as malaria and AIDS run rampant in these countries because they don't have the money to control the disease and protect themselves from it. Poverty can also exist in developed countries such as the United States of America. There are some rural areas or ghettos where people have to live on unemployment just to survive poverty, the problem isn't as severe as other places but it proves that it can even affect the countries with a sustaining economy.


This is a major problem in the world but what are we doing about it? Well the problem isn't completely ignored. The foundation "Save the Children" is an organization that goes across the U.S and helps children with educational and healthcare problems. It currently has 27 facilities all over the country. It also serves children internationally with the same problems. They also help in immediate care for natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes. In fact, Save the Children USA helped more than 78 million children in 2012, surpassing their goal of reaching 74 million children annually.


How can we help? There are a couple options we could do to help poverty in our nation or nations around the world.

1) You can donate to a local non-profit organization so that they can help people for you. Some of these organizations are: Save The Children, No Kid Hungry, Salvation Army, or BRAC.

2) You can also break the guilt cycle. Small selfless acts of kindness like giving money to the homeless on the side of road can help for a longrun.
3) Donate food and other supplies. Money isn't always the thing you have to donate, you could also donate extra supplies or your time by volunteering.
4) Write to a congressman. Change doesn't happen by us being bystanders. The more pressure we put on politics to fix this problem, the more obligated they will feel to help the public; that's why they're in office.

Signing this petition will show that you support the movement to end poverty in as many nations as possible. (All information you give is confidential)