Predator Park René Strickler

Petition to the Government of the Canton of Solothurn
The Predator Park René Strickler is in greatest need.


The predators are either sentenced to death by the court, or will be deported to foreign countries July 14th 2016.
All of this because the rental contract of the terrain in Subingen on which the park is located has been terminated by the owner of the terrain.
To save the big cats and give them the opportunity to stay in their familiar surroundings, the area needs to get purchased. René Strickler (Owner of the big cats) cannot bear the finance on his own.

The facebook group “Pro Raubtierpark René Strickler” now openly asks the public for aid.
Help us to save those beautiful creatures!

The Canton of Solothurn should put the park officially under its aegis, support it financially as well as submit an application to the Federal Government wherein it asks for financial support in the name of the public.
Researchers predict that in 2022 there will be most likely no more tigers living in their natural habi-tat. They will be called “extinct”. If so, the predator park in Solothurn would be the only one of its kind in Europe, where you could still admire those majestic creatures. The park would become a popular trip goal even for our neighbouring countries. The park would gain great esteem not only on a national but also an international base, similar to already popular parks in Switzerland like “Dälhölzli” or “Bäregrabe”, which are a landmark for our capital Bern.

We may not close our eyes and we need to support saving the park.
Urgently we ask for support from the Canton of Solothurn. We need to find some reputable investors, which are willing not only to buy the terrain in Subingen but also would fund the modification of the park into a real oasis for those threatened animals. There is no need for a utopian renovation, just an extension of the cages already existing, some wheelchair-friendly paths and a new restaurant with some extra rooms, big enough for school classes that want to stay for a day and learn something about those fascinating beasts.

Let’s build this oasis for our big cats!

Sure, 14 million is a lot of money - we are aware of this. René Strickler cannot bear this on his own. But for the economy of Switzerland it is not a hopeless project.

Please help us realizing this project.
Visit us at the Raubtierpark René Strickler, as long as it is still possible.



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