Preserve Grennaskolan International Boarding School

Preserving Grennaskolans International Boarding School

According to the above information today, 2015-05-13, Grennaskolan International Boarding School will close their business due to Parliamentary decisions regarding all International Boarding Schools in Sweden.

We who have been / are students at Grennaskolan feel incredibly sad and upset over this news.

Grennaskolan has been and is still today, a second home for us - a place where we grew up, where we got to know the world and each other and where we still feel a sense of security and joy in the community.

Grennaskolan has fostered several generations in the same spirit ever since the school opened, and for those students who for various reasons were not able to stay at home, it is the best "home away from home" option possible.

To close a working activity that proved competence and commitment so long and so consistently is unacceptable and we hope to highlight the issue to Parliament again, in the hope that the matter can be dealt with once more.

With the hope of stature and new, better, proposals and a future for our amazing school - Grennaskolan


Students and beens on Grennaskolan