Preserve the identity, history, and attraction of Nikkilä


To the decision-makers in Sipoo

Preserve the identity, history, and attraction of Nikkilä

 The Council of Sipoo aims at improving public transport by reopening rail traffic between Nikkilä and Kerava. For the rail service to be profitable HSL demands an increase of Nikkilä’s population from 5,000 to 10,000. But with the present population growth of 500 per year for Sipoo as a whole this would bring a stop to the development of all other parts of Sipoo for the next 10 years. 3,000 of the new inhabitants are planned for the present recreation area of Nikkilän kartano.

This unique recreation area with its exquisite and diverse nature would have to give way to a new hastily built population centre hardly different from other new suburbs in the Helsinki region. The identity, history, and attraction of Nikkilä would be lost with the destruction of this most important recreational area.

We the undersigned want Nikkilä to grow and develop in a sustainable way that favours everybody. This can only happen through balanced development that respects our history and identity. Existing natural and cultural values must be preserved. Growth should take place through co-operation with present inhabitants and land-owners, and in harmony with their interests, today and in the future. In order to guarantee the above we demand: 

  1. The subsequent planning of Nikkilä should aim at a balanced growth naturally continuing from present settlements. The Council should speed up the planning of the areas directly connected with existing settlements and main roads. Planning should take place in stages and for smaller zones. Multi-storey blocks should be concentrated to the centre of Nikkilä.
  2. The decision-makers should reconsider the strategic priority of introducing rail traffic. Public transport in our growing society should be a flexible and functional option for most inhabitants of Nikkilä and surrounding villages. The necessity of a rail service must be determined by the needs of the inhabitants – rail traffic plans (HSL) should not dictate the growth of the population.
  3. The planning of Nikkilän kartano centre (NG8) must stop. The recreation area is of immense strategic importance for all of Northern Sipoo. No alternative areas exist that could meet the growing demands of sports, exercise and recreation. The area must be preserved in its present form. Any residential developments with mainly detached houses should be concentrated to the fields south and east of Nikkilän kartano manor.
  4. The draft plan for Nikkilä (KR3) should be revised. In order to ensure that Nikkilä develops in interaction with the inhabitants of Sipoo the plans should be submitted for review once more.


  • Eila Annala
  • Pia Björkwall
  • Gunilla Eklöf
  • Sten Eklöf
  • Charlotta Engblom
  • Karin Henricson
  • Monika Hämäläinen
  • Johan Isaksson
  • Juha Koskenniemi
  • Taru Koskenniemi
  • Kicka Lindroos
  • Linda Luoma
  • Johnny Lönnroth
  • Henrik Möller
  • Petteri Partanen
  • Mikael Segerstråle
  • Ulla-Britta Talvitie