Prime Minister! Help us save our funds in Covid-19 pandemic!

Dear Prime Minister, India

Honourable Mr. Narendra Modi Sir,

First of all I would like to thank the whole Government and the support staff for trying your level best to contain Coronavirus.
As you know that this is slowly blocking income of crores of middle class professionals/employess and daily wage earners, I request you to please carefully read my proposal.
I know that you have appealed and encouraged the idea of work from home and paid leave but most of the entrepreneurs wont be able to honor this due to their depleted resources.
In that case, I would suggest the following to ease the pressure on our savings:
1. Request Banks and financial institutions to postpone EMI collections by one month.
2. Request Electricity, telecom and DTH Companies to postpone their bill collections by one month.
3. Request all due dates be postponed for a month for all Tax and Govt charges collection.
4. Request you to extend year end for financial year 2019-20 to 30th June 2020 to ease the pressure of compliances on the entrepreneurs.
I think as a Nation we can atleast afford extended credit period and some delay in Compliances to ease the pressure on Common man and entrepreneurs.
Please Note that I have not asked for any Waiver as it can harm the economy but a genuine consideration of postponing the deadlines and due dates will help us a lot to manage the finances.

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