Problems with Sony and W@tchdogs, Past and Present

Hey guys im doing this petition to raise awareness against sony online entertainment and other multi million pound companys that think it's acceptable  to take our hard earned money but when there product fails they treat us like dirt, give us know explanation to why, leave us on the phone for hours on end only to be frustarated further by ill advice.


The root of the problem was when a number of sony customers purchased  the game watchdogs off psn, only to be left with an error code when you attempt to download the game, so far sony have given no explanation to this matter even though they are fully aware, and are making it virtually impossible to get a refund even though it clearly states that refunds are given if the product does not download or install, not only that but there was problems which have now been fixed but none the less still problems which left thousands in disarray about there purchase.


Please consider signing this petetion even if your not directly experiencing this problem, just to support the guys who are and raise awareness of the big companys who take our money and give us little back, if we were to purchase a broken product from a shop we would be refunded straight away and if not then that would be almost criminal an act theft, why does sony not have to adhere to the same rules, why must we endure such bad customer service when were all so willing to part with our money in exchange for a product that does not work.


Please support this guys and than kyou for taking the time to read this.