Properly disposing of pedophiles in America by hunting them like deer.

  • So the media doesn't really cover pedophilia at all and that's very unsettling for many people. Because of that, there are still many cases of pedophilia and child abductions which includes pedophilia, child trafficking, and child abuse in general. And if and when pedophiles and child traffickers get arrested they do almost absolutely no time in prison and then they go back on the streets again. Most pedophiles re offend and that is not okay, so i have a proposal that i want to take to the media and hopefully our government so the children of this country who are our future are heard and safe. My proposal is if we take the pedophiles and at least once every year, we put them in an arena or shooting range where other citizens won't be hurt and hunt them like deer. And I think that you should have to register to be able to participate as if you would be registering for a deer hunt. I think that the age to be able to register to participate in this process should be at least 18 years old. The only reason i even came up with this petition is because the government says they have pedophilia and pedophiles under control but in reality they actually don't. If they did then children wouldn't be getting sexually abused every day in this country, so its time for my fellow citizens of America to take a stand with me and get rid of the disgusting people who scar innocent children.

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