Propose for flag raising once a week only

I propose for flag raising to be conducted once a week. I understand the use of the announcement section, where good news of our school mates bringing us good news of glory to our school be made known to the school. However, the purpose of singing the national anthem is unclear. I do not think that singing the national anthem is an act of showing respect to the country.


Firstly, I would like to point out that nobody benefits from flag raising. Not a single party gains anything out of it. The country does not gain anything, and neither does anyone. Unlike NS, where we actually serve the country, national defence is actually increased. This is understandable. However, NO ONE gains anything out of flag raising. The country does not benefit in any way, and neither do students, nor teachers.


Next, students have to wake up up to half an hour earlier to report to school for flag raising. It is already bad enough that we have to wake up early in the morning to come to school. However, it is worse that we came to school to sing. If we came for lessons, at least we are learning something. However, the repeated act of singing the same song over and over again does not allow us to learn anything. And students have to lose that half an hour of sleep. Why not let us have that half an hour of sleep, and we can focus better in class, which means we can get better grades, which means we will be going to good universities, which means we can serve the nation better. More practical right?

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