Protect Canada - Trudeau's resignation

As Canadian citizens, we order the resignation of our Prime Minister, Mr. Justin Trudeau. With his wrong decisions and his careless of canadian people, Mr. Trudeau makes our country unsafe and looks unreliable in front of our allies. In addition, his wrong financial management will be worst than what the Liberal Party said first. Mr Trudeau doesn’t have the skills to manage the actual international crisis, he can’t take the good decisions to protect our country. He don’t care about the people, don’t care about the menace over our country. He prefer taking selfies instead. He make us look weak against the danger and ridiculous in front of the world. We need to continue our mission against isis. He doesn’t have a plan to manage the 25k Syrians, it’s impossible to do a good job with this by December 31. He doesn’t listen the Canadians about an extended delay. As you already know, we need to be careful and doing our job correctly. Mr Trudeau likes speaking about the environmental question, like global warming, but he gave his go for throwing up sewage in the St-Laurence River. Finally, he doesn’t have any respect for our Canadian values. Canada must fight for keeping our values and stay safe. As citizen we need to protect our country and stay strong ! Thank you

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