Protect Journalists Covering Ukraine

Journalists covering the Russia-Ukraine conflict need the support and protection of the Canadian and U.S. governments.
Many journalists who have published or broadcast material deemed to be critical of the Ukrainian government have been added to "hit lists" where they are identified as "Enemies Of Ukraine".  In some cases journalists have been targeted, arrested, detained, and some journalists have been killed in acts that may be connected directly or indirectly to these lists. There are also reports of "death squads" that actively pursue journalists on these "hit lists". These illegal and immoral actions have been documented by credible working journalists and have also been discussed publicly by government officials in Ukraine.
A prominent example involves a Ukrainian website operating through the URL ; ( "The Peacekeeper" ) which has published a list containing the names, and even the personal addresses and contact information of more than 4000 journalists, artists, and peace activists. The people on this list are recommended for "liquidation or arrest". The Myrotvorets website appears to have links to Canada and may be operating on or through servers based in North America. The Ukrainian government is aware of the website, but has ignored calls to have its content altered or removed because of its clear intent to incite violence by targeting journalists, artists and activists for extermination. There is also evidence the website may be supported by the Ukrainian government.
This petition calls on the governments of Canada and the United States to:
* Denounce these political "hit lists" aimed at journalists, artists, and activists.
* Use diplomatic channels to apply pressure on the Ukrainian Government to use existing laws or new legislation as required to have have any "hit lists" as described removed from websites, social media platforms and publications.
* Issue a specific "Notice Of Protection" for Canadian and U.S. journalists covering Ukrainian issues, and deliver it to the Ukrainian government.
* Outline clearly for the Ukrainian government a set of,  "pro-active, protective, and responsive actions and penalties" to guard Canadian and U.S. journalists and media creators who may be targeted for politically motivated arrest or execution.
This petition serves to support all journalists and others who rely on free speech to do their work, recognizing that their efforts form one of the cornerstones of true democracy. We call on all governments to extend the protections described in this petition to all journalists and others involved in the creation of information media regardless of their perceived or real political views. 
Please sign this petition to express your support for the protection of journalists and media creators covering the Russia-Ukraine conflict issues in Ukraine and abroad.

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