Protest for our right to be sick and be treated like human from the goverment!

Now I'm tired of how the Social Insurance Office and our Government treat us sick people! For almost 4 years (4 / 1-18 /) I have not received a penny in either sickness benefit, sickness compensation and I do not even receive social benefits! DISPATE that my only "wrong" was being hit from behind in my duty like a professional driver! Since then, the Social Insurance Office has done everything to break me down! Since April 2015, my doctor and I have applied for sickness compensation which the insurance office has rejected. All my cases have passed from the Social Insurance Office to the Administrative Court of the Criminal Court, cand at last, the Supreme Administrative Court, which never gives a probationary permit. My life is a single appeal and I have complete medical certificates and opinions from my doctor. I have even been granted a handicap permit to drive my car from the municipality and was extended recently until 2019 BUT NO The Social Office considers and decides that there is missing o lot of thing even that there is NOT missing anything!

Eva Järdeholm-Fernandes    Contact the author of the petition