Qwerty Keypad for SMS in Corby 2 in PHIL.

"Samsung GT-S3850" is a Samsung product http://www.samsung.com/ph/ which is already spreading around the Globe. And one of the problems about this phone is that it has "NO qwerty keypad for sms" feature. According to some Corby 2 users, qwerty keypad for sms is only available at other countries NOT in the Philippines. In fact, a lot of people in the Philippines have complained about this problem! To the samsung company: You shouldn't have sell the Corby 2 phones which are not complete in technical features. Please have some solutions for this. I even send an e-mail to you but you just replied that you will forward it to your technical department. I hope you guys will make an applications for us to download the "QWERTY KEYPAD FOR SMS". Even if you search this phone in www.youtube.com , you could see the qwerty pad feature. Please SAMSUNG! hope youll make a move!

God Bless Samsung!