We want to travel with our 8/9 weeks old pedigree-puppies

Since 29/12/2014 every puppy has to be vaccinated on the age of 12 weeks against rabies, and respect a 21 days waiting time before you can travel, import or export our (pedigree) puppies.

This means every puppy that is going abroad, has to stay 15 weeks with the breeder!!!

This means every puppy that is going abroad, misses the most important part of his socialisation between 8 and 12 weeks of age, the positive socialisation period!!!

This means every puppy that is going abroad, will go to his new family at the age of 16 weeks, his secundary socialisation period, also known as his anxiety period!!!

This means the European Government does not acknowledge our pedigree breeding system, our breeding certificates and our DNA registration that all the kennel clubs and the FCI are fighting for for many years!!!

This means there will be more and more behavioural problems in the future. 
This means less import and export of our pedigree puppies, less breeding, more and more lookalikes without pedigrees from inline breeding?

We can understand that these rules are invented for healthier puppies, more control on the puppy farms, ...... but they will not be punished for their money business as they just switch date of births on the passport. They do not have a pedigree or DNA or breeding certificate which can control all the data about the dogs!!!!

So we fight, for our precious EU-pedigree puppies, by getting as many likes as possible!

We fight that the pedigree puppies can be imported and exported at 8 weeks of age!!