Rain or Shine -Tennis for All in Burnaby

To: The City Councillors of Burnaby & Burnaby Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission


Tennis is a sport that can be played by people of all ages. It also requires very little to start with - a tennis ball and a racquet.  

There are 65 tennis sites in the City of Burnaby, but only two indoor facilities. Unfortunately, most of the year, the courts are wet and therefore, unused. The two indoor facilities are in high demand. They both do not offer year round structured leisure and training programs for the public. 

This petition is about giving everyone a fair chance to learn and to play a great sport, rain or shine under one roof. For leisure players, it is the opportunity book courts, play and and socialize through tennis leagues and ladders for adults and seniors.  For children who have never played before, it's the opportunity to get out there with a parent or with a coach and learn some basics while having fun.  For children who already love the sport and imagine playing for Canada on the world stage one day - train and develop here in Burnaby.  A leisure and competitive tennis centre for everyone, without membership and at affordable rates.  

By signing this petition, Burnaby residents are asking the City of Burnaby to support year round access to high quality structured programs for all. We are asking you to increase access to tennis in our neighbourhood - Rain or Shine.