Re-Open our City Parks

We, the citizens of Del Rio, are asking our City Council to remove the restrictions they have imposed on our city parks. The citizens of Del Rio pay taxes for the creation and maintenance of the very parks they are prohibiting citizens from using. Slowly they are shutting everything down, while the state of Texas reopens. The State of Texas has already implemented plans to reopen the state. This includes the opening of theme parks, stadiums, water parks, etc.

The City also seems very biased and unfair in what type of gatherings they allow and what gatherings they do not. It seems they allow certain gatherings because they are afraid of pushback. So it's time for the citizens of Del Rio to push back on what we believe.

Please join us by signing this petition so the City Council can see the support and perform their duty of representing the People of Del Rio, open the parks we paid for, and allow garage sales. The citizens of Del Rio are intelligent enough to make their own decisions on what's safe for their own families. 

The petition and signatures received will be emailed to the Del Rio City Council on Tuesday, June 16th, 2020. The City Council will also have a meeting on this same date. It is our hope they address this issue during their meeting.

*Petition updated to reflect the council now allows garage sales and unrestricted essential activities at the creek. The goal is the complete reopening so families can enjoy the creek safely and responsibly.*

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