Recycling and Composting Lunch Waste in Schools!

78 pounds of garbage is thrown away on average by a student each year. The Las Vegas youth aims to reform and reduce the issues created by trash in our community. An effective and individual movement against climate change is to recycle, reduce, raise awareness about the severity of the problem. In this petition, we will collectively advocate for new policies concerning the amount of recyclable plastic containers thrown during lunch each school day and lessen the food waste created with composting. This will enforce schools to encourage their students to put their plastic containers and compostable food in specified bins then a process of decontamination of the recyclables is placed and compost is given to community gardens, school greenhouses, and donated. If possible, funds can be collected for a greenhouse in order to support the idea of buying locally and organically. This wave of environmental sense of purpose will also encourage young adults to make a change in their world to ensure a healthy planet for the future. We all can make a difference. Join us!

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