Recycling In Deltona

Hey everyone!

As you all know, the City of Deltona has taken it upon themselves to end the recycling program for our city.  We as tax payers should have the right to have a voice in this matter!  Recycling helps reduce the waste in our landfills, and help keep trash out of our oceans!  This is not a right that should have been taken away!  Alos, after reading what the city deems recycleable and what is not recycleable is ridiculous.  All paper, plastic, and glass should be recycled!  For an example, microwave trays for frozen meals are on the black list for recycling.  However, on the bottom of those trays there is in fact a recycling symbol on the bottom of it!  If they are going to take away our convenience of having a pick up on our trash days, then they should place more recycling drop off locations around Deltona!  In fact, there is not one drop off location in Deltona!  Help reduce the landfill, and help bring back the recycling for Deltona!