Reduce charges against Sgt. Vince Yurick.

Sgt. Vince Yurick has faithfully served the citizens of Akron, Ohio for 19-1/2 years. Through those years he has always conducted his life to the "higher standard" demanded of police officers. He has done so while tending his first wife, in their home, through (3) three years of cancer which took her life.  Sgt. Yurick tends for his frail mother and now stands by his wife Glynn as she she struggles to come back from brain damage due to the auto accident.

We, the family of Glynn Yurick, are asking for your support in our request that the charges against Sgt. Yurick be reduced that he might continue to serve the citizens of Akron, tend to his ailing mother and continue on the path to full recovery for his sweetheart, wife, and mother Glynn.