Bentcop.Biz THE PETITION TO SIGN THIS CHRISTMAS!! ending Government & police corruption starts here with these driver refunds!

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I have been investigating illegal & dangerous Road Signage & safety across the UK for my petitions and own police work into illicit Road Traffic Enforcement investigation.

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I have found that many UK drivers are eligible to have fines refunded because the speed limit was not enforceable by law at the time. Many still are not.


Here is an example of refunded monies due to traffic regulation orders not being in place.

Rawdon speeding Fines Refunded after TRO not in place


This petition is not a "get out of speeding" excuse. It is about serious entrapment, legal abuse and misleading drivers by incorrect & Illegal road signs or missing signs. It is a big Road safety Issue in addition to being mistreated by the Law.


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