To: Villaflores College Tanjay City, Negros Oriental

 I have a concern regarding on this matter. As you can see on the attached picture, there you have the breakdown as follows. In my point of view, is there any possibility to refund or deduct some of the fees? I notice, since then I haven't use some of the fees, such as, the laboratory, library services, dental/medical fee and this computer laboratory.

What I mean for this, since I, as a student will no longer be involve going to school for using its facilities like clinic, library and laboratories, thinking, that these fees should be deducted/refunded for us to use in our online education necessities especially, for the INTERNET CONNECTION. Thank you, hoping I will not receive any response nga tubagon rag "wala namo gipangayo ang covid" "mao jud nay breakdown". If so it cannot be heard, Is there any possibility the business office will change the breakdown of the fees since it bills us big amount yet we didn't use it.

Lastly, I'll be glad if heard and will take action as soon as possible. I just wanted to extend my will of honesty within myself. Thank you and God bless!!!


Concerned Students of Villaflores College

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