Regarding the ban of Undertaker

Dear sir/madam

Open letter to SUPERCELL regarding the ban of Undertaker (#2LCPG2C9U)

We are writing to you in regards to Undertaker, one of Sweden’s most popular Clash Royal players. The ban of Undertaker is a huge loss for the Swedish Clash Royale community. Undertaker is a wonderful person who have done so many good things for the Swedish Clash Royale community. He was one of the leaders of +46 Royale (Sweden’s largest Clash Royale clan) and he was one of the two founders of the unofficial Swedish Championship of Clash Royale. The championship brought together the 25 best clans in Sweden in a huge tournament series which went on for several months and ended with a live stream. He donated prizes (gift cards) for the tournament, paid for every tournament and spent many hours every day for a month visiting every clan and brought the whole community of the game in Sweden much closer to each other.

As you know from his history, he hosts big tournaments every week that are open for all Swedish players. We understand that Undertaker broke the rules. We also understand that there needs to be some sort of consequence.

However, please consider that there is no relapse risk, you can be sure that he understands that what he did was wrong, and he will never do it again. Furthermore, you can be sure that he will advocate to all Swedish players that there should be no breaking of any rules. We hope with this letter that you will reconsider the permanent ban and reduce it to a shorter amount of time.

Sincerely yours, YNWAROOK, Popper, Hankey 

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