Region Stockholm puts the treatment of patients with eating disorders at risk


The first patient came to Mando in 1993. Today, 30 years later, more than 2,000 patients have recovered from their eating disorder. And Sweden has saved four million Swedish crowns on each one of them!  

But now Region Stockholm threatens to close Mandometer treatment.  

The Region intends to run the treatment of eating disorders in its own clinics [1]. But these treatments have never been able to demonstate effective outcomes and are much more expensive than Mandometer treatment. 

Mandometer patients, relatives and staff have been left out of all these discussions!    

Treatment outcomes and financial cost must determine who should treat patients with eating disorders, not bureaucratic tricks, and territorial thinking.  

The Region's politicians must listen to us before they decide, before it is too late! 

We protest against the Region's proposal, which erodes freedom of choice, increases the delay for treatment, and risks patients safety!

Sign the protest!

The Association against Anorexia and Bulimi (FAB) 

[1] Nivåstruktur för ätstörningsvården och konsekvenser för framtida beställningar HSN 2023-0303

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