One of Europe's Great Dog Women has been permanently suspended by the Swedish Kennel Club to judge because she inadvertently accepted multiple invitations on the same date. While this is an unacceptable act for a judge we the undersigned feel that it is a shame and terrible loss to the dog world to lose such a knowledgeable judge who has dedicated her whole life to the fancy.

Annika has had a rich life in dogs spanning nearly a half a century. She has successfully bred and shown world famous Lhasa Apsos and English Springer Spaniels as well as Collies and American Cockers under the Whisborne affix. She has her own grooming business. She is one of the most requested judges and has been invited all over the world to judge since 1984.

She is very prepared and knowledgeable with excellent ring procedure and always kind and fair to both exhibitors and their dogs!

She will greatly be missed and it would be a tragic loss to the fancy to lose such a passionate judge.if you feel that she deserves to be reinstated to judge please sign this petition which will be forwarded to the SKK and the FCI.