Reinstate "open container" law in Delray during block parties

One of the best things about growing up and living in a small beach town, like Delray Beach, is the sense of community. Each year during New Year's Eve, July 4th, Cinco de Mayo and St Patrick's day, thousands flock to the streets to cheer and celebrate with family, friends and strangers. Delray Beach caters to everyone, the young and the old, singles and families, the rich and the poor. These days with economy impacting everyone, a family coming down to enjoy the festivities, can bringing their own cooler of beer, snacks and sandwiches. This makes the  difference between going out and staying in. A family of 4 can afford to come play and the parents can have a responsible good time while still living within their budget.

Reinstating the "Open Container" Law, works for everyone! Families can still come and play, bars like O'Connors still make enough revenue to pay for 6 months of rent. Helping them stay open and continue to serve our community as a small business.

HELP REINSTATE the "open container" law and keep Delray a city buy the sea for EVERYONE!