Reinstate the Contract of Joseph Gidaro

It is with a broken heart that St. Matthias School announces that Mr. Joseph Gidaro will be leaving us after this school year.  Our pastor, Father Abraham, advised Mr. Gidaro just this past Monday, June 5th that his contract as Vice Principal/Development will not be renewed for next year, 2023-2024, due to financial concerns.  
Over the last 11 years, Mr. Gidaro has given his time and talent to the students, staff, and families of St. Matthias School.  Over the last two years as Mrs. Lynch has served as principal, she has witnessed first hand how hard Mr. Gidaro works.  Anything he is asked to do, is done without hesitation, especially this year.  He went from filling in as librarian, school nurse (days when there wasn't a sub),3rd grade teacher, 5th grade teacher, 7/8 grade teacher, 4th grade teacher, 6th/7th grade teacher, custodian (there are no subs for Julio or Sylvia when they are out), all while doing his VP duties and being in charge of Marketing & Development.  The school is going to be at a great loss without him, and will be without extra support in all of the aforementioned areas.
With this petition, we are asking Father Abraham to reinstate Mr. Joseph Gidaro's position, as he a vital component to our beloved St. Matthias School. 

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