Reinstate of ILIP (Integrated Learning Instructional Period) and late start Wednesday's at Bill Crothers SS

Prior to the pandemic in March of 2020, BCSS students benefitted from ILIP and late start Wednesday's. 

As covid measures and mandates are lifted, we need ILIP and late start Wednesday's to return to Bill Crothers Secondary School.


1. Our students mental health. It feels like no one is speaking up for our students mental health. The ILIP period helps balance an extremely busy day for most of our student athletes. Many students have struggled with their mental health during the past 2 years. Please understand the impact of increasing our students workload / activities while not giving back time in the day to complete school work. This can easily lead to burnout/stress for our students. Please help our students.

2. BCSS is a unique school with a specialized program and schedule for athletes. The ILIP program exists to benefit these athletes and their activities outside of school. As those activities have all ramped back up in recent weeks our students need that time back in their school day to complete assignments, homework etc.

3. BCSS has had this ILIP period schedule since it's inception in 2008, we cannot see any reason why this balanced calendar should not exist this year. Our students started school in August to accommodate this additional period in the day. It is valuable and needed.

4. ILIP period allows for a dual lunch period where students will have more space to socially distance further increasing the safety of attending school during a pandemic.

5. All of the students at BCSS went through an application process and acceptance to the school for the purpose of balancing athletics with academics. The current schedule is not allowing for this balance. 

Please support the reinstatement of ILIP and late start Wednesday's at BCSS.

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