Reinstating Myles

Dear Vern:

The undersigned members write to express their grave concern, and displeasure, regarding the termination of Myles Brewington.   While under normal circumstances we would be loathe to concern ourselves with the day-to-day management of the club’s staff, and with general employment decisions implemented by the club’s General Manager, these are not normal circumstances, and, we believe, this letter urging a reconsideration of the employment action taken against Myles is warranted.

Myles has been a long-time and loyal employee of the club, starting his employment as a teenager, and working at the club for more than twenty-years, ultimately ascending to the position of starter and caddy master.  As we understand it, he has never received an adverse employee review during his tenure, and has never been reprimanded for actions or conduct unbecoming a Montclair Golf Club employee.  Yet, with the arrival of a new management team, Myles was unceremoniously fired after less than a week’s exposure to the new General Manager, Roger Bacon, and new Director of Golf, Tim Bolton.  That decision was ill considered, and, in the current environment, inhumane for the following reasons:  First, Myles is a beloved employee by a significant number of the members (far more than are signatories to this letter); second, Myles has significant health concerns, that should have been considered before determining to fire him and leave him unemployed in the midst of the COVID-19 Crisis, with his sole severance being six months of health and salary paid for by the club.  Myles has asthma (a pre-existing condition which makes him more susceptible to the virus) and pancreatitis.  He is also the sole financial provider for his family.

We realize that this crisis has affected the club economically in ways that could not have been predicted.  And no one can quarrel with the fact that in order to keep the club economically viable, its short term cash-flow must be kept stable, liquidity will remain important, and the club’s operating costs must be reduced — and that includes reducing overhead, including employee salaries.  We get that.  But we are a not-for-profit golf club.  Even for-profit enterprises are evaluating measures short of drastic RIF’s to accomplish the goals set forth above.  Short term furloughs, with a right to return; salary reductions instead of layoffs, and other similar measures could be considered.  The bottom line is that this particular decision troubles us in light of the person involved, his tenure, and prior record of service at the club.

Accordingly, we urge you and the Board to reconsider the General Manager’s decision, and direct that Myles be reinstated.  If this group is operating under a fundamental misunderstanding of the facts set forth above, we respectfully request that we be informed of the basis or bases for the termination decision.  We recognize the privacy issues involved in employee termination decisions, however, as equity owners in this club, we would respectfully suggest that we are entitled to know precisely what the Board knows about this decision.  It cannot be that the General Manager of the club can act with no review by, or accountability to, the members for whom he is employed — nor should the Board be troubled by a request to take a certain form of action urged by a significant number of members for whom they serve.

We propose that you facilitate an in person meeting which includes, you, Roger and Myles (observing social distancing) with the express purpose of finding an equitable solution for all parties. In light of the strong membership sentiment on this issue, close to 100 signatures, we believe that this meeting can accelerate Roger’s integration and acceptance with our club’s broad and diverse membership, while giving Myles an opportunity to regain his employment at MGC.


Respectfully submitted,


[insert names of members willing to sign]


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