Remaining of Yaya Baldeh in Switzerland

"This is Yaya Mesut Baldeh. Yaya risked his life to save it, despite being an adolescent. He left everything behind and emigrated from his country of origin, Gambia, because he wasn't safe anymore because of political persecution. He travelled through Lybia and Italy, and eventually reached Switzerland. Here, where we all live the secure life without fear that Yaya wishes for. Within a short amount of time, the personable Yaya learnt our language. Due to football, he found new friends expeditiously. In the meantime, Yaya aims for an apprenticeship training position.

Yaya has been told today that his application for asylum has been refused. On days like this, I heavily doubt everything I used to believe. How can it be that a cry for help from a young person like Yaya stays unrequited. An adolescent, who lives a more exemplary life than more of the Swiss population does every single day, refering aspects as manners and discipline. Who even is authorised to come to such a decision? With this decision, we throw Yaya back to inscurity, fear and helplessness.

And we, the whole team of the A-Juniors of FC Weinfelden-Bürglen, stay behind in speechlessness, shock, anger and disappointment.

#withyaya #staystrong"

Thursday, 1. March 2018


With this petition we want to effectuate the

  • Remaining of Yaya Baldeh in Switzerland 


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