Remove criminals and drug users

I am writing this petition to address a pressing issue that has deeply affected the community of Salamanca, NY. The property at 318 Washington Street has become a hub for criminal activities and drug use, causing significant distress to the residents in the area. This petition aims to urge local authorities to take immediate action and remove these individuals who are jeopardizing the safety and well-being of our community.


As a concerned citizen, this issue is personal to me because it directly impacts my family. This was my mother's home – a place where she should have felt safe and secure. Unfortunately, her property has been ruined by these individuals who refuse to leave and have become an ongoing menace.


The presence of criminals and drug users at 318 Washington Street poses serious threats not only to neighboring residents but also undermines the overall peace and harmony within our community. It is crucial that we address this issue promptly before it escalates further.


To support this petition, I would like to present some relevant facts:


1. Increase in Crime Rates: According to local police reports (source: Salamanca Police Department), there has been a noticeable rise in criminal activities reported in close proximity to 318 Washington Street over the past year.

2. Drug-Related Incidents: Local news outlets (source: Salamanca Gazette) have highlighted numerous incidents involving drug-related offenses occurring near or on the premises at 318 Washington Street.

3. Community Safety Concerns: Several residents living nearby have expressed their concerns about feeling unsafe due to frequent disturbances caused by these individuals.


It is imperative that we prioritize public safety by removing those responsible for such illegal activities from our neighborhood. By signing this petition, you are joining us in urging local authorities – including law enforcement agencies, city officials, and relevant stakeholders –to take immediate action towards addressing this issue.


Together, we can restore peace and security to our community. Let us stand united against criminal activities and drug use, ensuring a safe environment for all residents of Salamanca, NY.


Thank you for your support in signing this petition and making a positive change in our community.

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