Remove Justin Trudeau from governing Canada !


Justin Trudeau has done NOTHING so far to protect canadians except talk , talk and no actions at all to close the borders to protect canadians health in this covid-19 crisis ! He did not close the number one thing to do wich is the borders !

The infection comes from outside !! Still , no travel restrictions , no questions and no tests done at the airport nothing ! And people are still pooring in masses in Québec at the Roxham by the hundreads daily and unchecked !

Trudeau government is totally irresponsible and is DANGEROUS to all canadians and is unable to take the right decisions on time to protect canadians ! While Trudeau isolate himself to not get it.. He don't want to isolate also canadians by closing the borders ! What is good for Trudeau is not for us in trudeau's mind ! I genuinely believe he WANTS the virus to spread ! Because actions speak's louder then sounds and his actions ( inaction ! ) clearly reflect that !

He even accelerated the immigrants number since the coronavirus started ! If you want it to spread you do exactly what trudeau is doing now ! And if his wife really got sick , it's even scarier, it clearly show's he can't even protect his own family from getting sick !

So either way we look at this , Trudeau is clearly unable to govern this country properly and he's a DANGER for all Canadians with his IRRESPONSIBLE policies and he is putting our health and economy at great risk !

Actions speaks louder then voice ! Be part of the solution to remove the problem in Canada wich is Justin Trudeau !


Sign the petition now and spread it to save you, you'r family members, by extension all Canadians !

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