Removing the age restriction on coverage for Insulin pumps

My name is Josh Goldstein, 23, and I'm living with Type 1 Diabetes. Coming this Christmas day I will have been living with this disease for 9 years.

In layman's terms, diabetes has to do with the lack of production or the unsuitable production of insulin. For the purpose of this petition I will be focusing on the the first type (type one diabetes) which is the lack or the absolute zero production of insulin within the pancreas. 

The purpose of insulin is to allow cells in the body to use sugar from carbohydrates that we eat. A lack of insulin therefore sends the excess glucose to the kidneys, afterwards causing further and severe complications. Insulin helps regulate your blood sugar levels. 

I've been under insulin therapy by needles ever since I was diagnosed. And for the past 3-5 years I've been struggling to keep my blood sugar levels at a level that an average healthy person has. For the past few years my blood sugar levels have been at an average of 15 mmol, the average healthy individuals blood sugars are at 4-7 mmol. I've come to understand that insulin therapy through needles might not be what's best suited for my lifestyle, and I'm now exploring other options such as the insulin pump. 

The insulin pump has 2 main parts: first part is a sticker/pod with an insulin reservoir that's attached to your body by a catheter, and this sticker is either connected to another device either by tubing or tubless (think of a blutooth device) this device controls the amount of insulin that's dispensed based on the individuals blood sugar. 

I believe this device would significantly help regulate my blood sugars more accurately because there would be less margin of error when calculating the amount of insulin to give, as well it can monitor your blood sugars when they go too high or too low.

Unfortunately this device is quite expensive. The pump alone is $6300, which doesn't include the actual insulin and other supplies that are required. In Canada the provinces/territories of: Ontario, Alberta, Yukon, NW territories and Nunavut all have full coverage for insulin pumps of all ages. Manitoba, Quebec, Saskatchewan, BC, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia all have age restrictions at 18, 19 and 25 (Manitoba at 18). AGE SHOULD NOT BE A FACTOR IN DETERMINING COVERAGE. 

Instead of complaining about the lack of awareness within the government I'm trying to start a dialogue to help make my life, along with thousands of others living with type one diabetes easier to manage, and help extend life expectancy as well as decrease the chances of living with major complication (blindness, loss limbs, loss of sensation and eventual death).

I have no goal in the set amount of signatures I need to push this to government, I dont even know if this petition will help my cause but what I'm trying to do is to continue to raise awareness for type 1 diabetes and continue to put pressure on the government in making changes. Your signature will help my cause, and I along with the many other young adults living with Type One Diabetes will appreciate it very much. 

I'm currently living in The Pas, Manitoba and I will be sending this to the MLA of The Pas!

Update December 14/2017: I will be in contact with Nic Curry MLA for Kildonan riding in Winnipeg

Update December 29/2017: I will be in contact with various members of the federal government 

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