Rental Properties in Mill Valley North

Recently it has come to my attention the amount of rental properties in Mill Valley North. I myself as a homeowner in the development would like to see a limit set on the amount of rentals allowed in the development. This amount shall be set by a percentage of the 781 homes we have. May it also state that the home must be owner occupied for the first year of ownership before being allowed to rent said property, unless a hardship occurs. In addition, all rental properties shall not be rented for less than 6mo. 

       If you want to keep our property values up and lots well maintained please consider signing this petition. We must have atleast 391 votes for it to be presented to the board and the atleast 520 votes to have the by law amendment added and that would have to be by mail. Thank you all for reading and considering this change. 

Please make sure you add your address in the comment section when you sign the petition or the board can not accept. They must have the address of the home!!!

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