Repeal Ranked Choice voting and give us Voter ID!

We the people of Maine wish to express our concern to Governor Janet Mills, House Speaker Sarah Gideon and Senate President Troy Jackson.

We demand an end Ranked Choice Voting being used in Maine elections as our state constitution stops it in state elections.

We the People of Maine also wish to protect our vote from fraud and wish to see some form of voter ID law implemented before 2020 elections. 

We strongly urge you to hear and act upon our voice so we know our vote is being protected!

Ranked Choice Voting cost us an additional $340,000 in the general election and $441,000 between the primary and the general elections. This was the price to change one election and to ruin the trust of Maine voters. Many voters are saying they feel disenfranchised.

Ranked Choice voting never brought Jared Golden over the original 50%, RCV failed its own design by wasting over 8800 votes simply throwing them away. 

We ask that you protect one of the most valuable tools we have!

Without swift action, we will take the action needed to protect our vote!



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