Repealing of the the road motor transport Act

To The Clerk of parliament

Petition to the speaker of parliament for transport and infrastructure committee.

The ongoing traffic police roadblocks that are coming up after every few kilometres and also the requirements which are not necessary. To list a few
  • A serviceable spare tyre – in the event that I have car trouble it is my responsibility to ensure that my car moves again. What responsibility is it of police that I do not have a spare tyre especially if all my tyres are good tyres? The question also begs that the use of a spare tyre is a temporary tyre that should be used to get one to the next service area and replace it with the proper tyres used on a daily basis. This addresses why cars by default come with the commonly named ‘biscuit tyre”. It is purposely designed differently for the very reason that it is not meant to be the same standard tyre as the rest to ensure that the vehicle owner gets new tyres or the original tyres fixed/ replaced.
  • Triangle that’s reflective on both sides. – If the triangle is necessary why should it be reflective on both sides as though it should show from both sides. It is only meant to be seen from one side and as such should not be a requirement that it reflects from both sides.
  • Reflectors on doors and others. – most cars now have functional door lights etc, however it has become police business that we buy and stick reflective strips on doors etc.
  • Missing wiper at the rear window of a car. – have been fined for not have a wiper at the rear window. There are enough cars that do not even have the provision for a wiper at the back. So why should one be fined for this. This is extortion as the car is manufactured WITHOUT a rear window wiper and there is no way citizens can mount rear window wipers on cars that are manufactured without.
  • Number plate lights - are asked for during the day where they are infact very difficult to verify if they are on or not. What role does a number plate light play in traffic offenses and presenting danger to other motorists including myself.
  • Fire extinguisher. – I am yet to come across a story in a newspaper or anywhere that says the bus started burning and they were able to put out the fire with the fire extinguishers. Most people do not even know how to use them. Why then should this be a statutory requirement? The positioning for the fire extinguishers is also questionable and dangerous, we are arrested for not having the fire extinguisher on the passenger side of the car where it has no visible pre-existing mounting space and in the event of collision that extinguisher stands to turn into a lethal torpedo that could be flung inside the vehicle causing serious damage to people inside the car. Some cars come with the mount for the extinguisher in the boot area including the Velcro straps and yet somehow some officers will issue a ticket for extinguisher in the wrong position.
The police motto is to serve and protect and now we find ourselves questioning whether or not I have an extra $50 that I am prepared to give to the police just for me to get to my destination. Not because my vehicle is not roadworthy, but because I am worried about the number of roadblocks that will ask me if I have a fire extinguisher and or any other trivial requirement. It has become a punishable offence to have and use your vehicle as the original manufacturer intended you do. Should there not be a difference between a nice to have and a statute?
More and more it seems the police are becoming rowdy and overexcited when they are dealing with the motoring public as they aim to enforce laws that have no bearing on the overall road worthiness of a vehicle.
Can the police serve and protect and deal with real issues if they have to deal with the motoring public rather than majoring on minors and can we have these trivial requirements removed.