Request from international students of polimi

To whom it may concern
As everyone knows, studying in university can be very expensive and the financial Aid from DSU has always been a huge support for students who were in a difficult economic situation. As per the inconvenience experienced regarding the limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a large group of applicants experienced an extreme delay in delivery of visa form Italian embassies in many countries for several reasons. Therefore; these students have not been able to submit the required documents by the deadline given, in order to request a change of status from “commuter” to “away from home”. Consequently, now some of the away from home students are considered commuter and have encountered a reduction in DSU benefits. This condition is raising serious concerns for students in this state of affairs. Thus we are kindly asking you to give us an opportunity to upload the documentation required in order to change our status for second semester.
Kind regards

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