Require the UN to investigate a human trafficking case (aimed at children) by Member State of the European Union #Investigate # corruption # Child abuse # human trafficking # falsified deprivation of

The laws are governed by corrupt judges and the “experts” whom they appoint to write false reports to the court. The Estonian court threatened the life, health and well-being of a 16-year-old girl, whom he was supposed to protect. Direct evidence of human trafficking was provided and the court, changing the essence of the case, closed it without investigation.

The mass media refuse to publish the inhuman (illegal) attitude of the authorities towards a minor girl and her mother.

European organizations write that the number of victims of traffickers is growing, but they themselves do nothing to identify criminals (my personal example. There is direct evidence of human trafficking. The criminal group consists of government officials. European law enforcement agencies say that they, do not have mandates.)

Please sign to request un the UN to initiate an investigation into human trafficking by law enforcement in Estonia. The UN must fulfill its promises (the Palermo Protocol), punish the criminals, protect and return their victims to a normal life, so that some day they will be able to realize the opportunities God has provided for them.

It is terrible to write about personal; uncomfortable asking people for help. After especially sad and traumatic events and failures.
We are alone and defenseless with my daughter. (I am a single mother, disabled person with limited physical abilities.)

Police, relying on the law of deprivation of parental rights: (Section 4 Limitation of Parental Custody) § 134 (2) of the Family Law, sends this information to other organizations. This
was a terrible shock. A minor daughter was taken away from me and handed over to Lissov V. (drug addict) by forging, the deprivation of parental rights. The police forced my minor daughter to live with an adult man.
I went to court. since I am the parent of a minor girl, I asked the court to return my daughter home and make a decision so that Lissov V. did not come close to my daughter. I asked the court to make a decision immediately, because Lissov forces my daughter to take drugs and wants to take her abroad. (case
I asked the court to make a decision on the law. Section 126 (2) of the Family Law Act, according to which I am a guardian and have the right to decide where my child lives, and also appoints third parties with whom the child can communicate. My decision as a parent is legally binding for a third party with whom the parent has forbidden the child to communicate. Section 116 (2) of the Family Law Act: the parent is obligated and has the right to take care of his minor child for. Parental care includes the right to take care of the child and make decisions about the child related things (including the child’s place of residence) I also decided that Lisov should not communicate with my minor child.

Only I have the right to decide where and with whom my daughter lives until the age of majority, according to the law. The police have no legal right to decide where and with whom a minor girl should live.
I asked to apply the law and satisfy my application. The court, however, took some time unnecessarily long and did not respond to my statement.

Access to justice was not. My statements and evidence the court deleted.
In June and August, the police tried to attack my. On June 27 I was saved by the fact that the door of the apartment was iron and the police failed to knock it out. 08.22.2018 police came with a saw and sawed off the door lock. I was saved by the fact that my friend worked nearby and managed to come to my rescue.

The Estonian authorities refuse to provide me with my delicate database. Twhich confirms the fact that there is false information about me.

If no one complains, there will be no prosecutions, and the traffickers will continue to do their work with impunity. And given the hacking of the apartment, there is reason to argue that they are getting rid of witnesses by force.

Please sign the petition! By investigating this case, my daughter can be saved from slavery. And, the other children will be able to return home alive.

Hoping for your support.


If you have any questions, I will answer them. camillaviktoria7 ()

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